Thursday, November 3, 2011

Was Tila Tequila Cloned For Her Germany Gig at Euro?

UPDATE: The original blog is just below this update!

It turns out Tila actually did show up at her Germany gig last night. Pictures were posted at EuroPalace's website a couple of hours ago. I have no explanation why club patrons mis-identified Tila on those pictures, other than they have no idea who she is because her fan base is next to non-existent, or anytime anyone sees a half-naked midget running around they automatically think it's Tila. One of my German readers commented below that they called the club and was told because Tila showed up so late, they had their opening act do several more songs beyond her scheduled set.

Here are a couple awkward photo's from EuroPalace's website. I think these club promoters really should think about putting a small stool next to Tila, so the normal size people can sit next to her, and don't have to break their necks trying to contort their spines so they're face-to-face with her. If you really want to laugh, check out the thumbnails on that site, and you'll see that in almost every single thumbnail you can see Tila from her head down, but all the people she's posing with get cut off at the neck or mid-chest!

As you can tell, Tila was dressed by the Illuminati for this gig, in a black bra and grungy jeans, and that nappy-ass beret thing she wears when she hasn't washed her hair with Illuminati shampoo in a week. She's right, they really do want to sell her as slutty...

There's a bunch of unintentionally hilarious photos, my favorite is this guy who is trying to take a pic of them together on his cell phone and Tila only has eyes for the big camera:

Love that's dude's shirt!

In most of these pix, it looks like the patrons are standing next to a cardboard cutout of Tila.

Is it just me, or does Tila look substantially different from just a few months ago? She's looking less Asian, and more oddly Caucasian, but not really white people white, more like a weird amalgamation of Asian, alien and white. And she has really lost her youthful look in the last year. She has aged several years in a very short time. Maybe it's her makeup, fuck I don't know about any of this shit, I just know she looks really different.

Previous blog before update:

Late last night I started seeing pictures coming across FaceBook from patrons of the German club, Europalace Mainz-Kastel, the first stop on Tila's bar-hopping tour. The pictures are purportedly of Tila, but it's obvious, it's not:

The first two pictures are obviously the same girl, the third picture looks like someone else entirely. It's obvious to fans and haters alike, that neither girl even looks like Tila, and both are missing her tats. My girlfriend tells me the girl in the 3rd pic looks like she's wearing fake tattoo nylons. 

So what the hell happened in Germany? I can't seem to find any info. Why were two ringers brought in? Did Tila not show again and the German club owner had to scramble to find a couple of no-talent street hoes to fill in? Funnily enough, one of the patrons bemoaned "Tila's" singing skills, so I was doubly confused, because then I was convinced it had to be her!

If anyone knows what went on, or if anyone speaks German and can call the club manager and find out, I'd appreciate it, and I'll update the blog as we get info.

Who wants to bet Tila will claim the Illuminati cloned her for this gig and these pictures are proof? And who wants to do the double-down and bet her crew of idiots will actually believe her?