Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tila Tequila's God-Given Super Powers Used To Blast Hater With 10,000 Volts, Fails To Give Him A Tummy Ache

If horse-shittery had a special day all it's own, it would be November 22, 2012. That is the day Tila Tequila went on the most epic of all epic crazy rants, that culminated in even her own followers suggesting she needs an immediate intervention. The sad truth is that Tila had no one to spend her holiday with, and rather than do something productive, she spent the whole day spewing her hateful, ugly rants on Facebook. I actually felt kinda bad for her. How can you have over a million followers, and your own family in Houston, and yet still have no one to visit for the day? No one who is willing to put up with your craziness for even a couple of hours? Over one million people, and no one who wants to spend any time with her.

In all honesty, there has been so much nonsense going on with her for the last few days, I really can't even process most of it. A big chunk of it is so convoluted and insane, I struggle to make sense of it enough to be able to write about it. Therefore, I will simply talk about probably the funniest of her crazy drug-fueled, brain addled rants.

It started about mid-afternoon after a busy day of posting one insane status after another. Each one, more unbelievable than the last, and her own brand of sheeple baa'ing at her feet and defending everything she writes. She posted a status calling out the Pope, calling him a fucking fish head, and claiming "he wears that silly hat on his head because it represents the fish people!" I have no idea what that is suppose to mean, but that's ok, because it's her convo with Brian that we want to follow:

Hahahahahaha she's putting a double voodoo whammy on the guy and uses all the super duper powers God himself, gave her, to give a hater a tummy headache. At this point, how can anyone take this vicious bitch seriously (or should I say, Siriusly? hahahaa). For reals, Tila the Goddess of love and light is casting her hoo-doo voodoo spells on people who don't agree with her and her nutso posts, and most of her idiot followers are perfectly happy with it.

But guys, it gets better....Brian returns 10 minutes later, and claims he feels no pain, therefore she's insane and has no powers. Note the two idiots supporting Tila:

The thread ends there, and we have to go to another status to continue the story:

So, an hour or so later Brian comes back, says he still isn't feeling pain and Tila retorts: "you feel no pain because they already took your soul sweethear. That was why I did that in the first place and I was right. If you were still human you would be able to feel the pain, but you're not human anymore. Just a soulless zombie under their control." I've got to hand it to Tila, she's pretty quick on her game when it comes to manipulating her lies to cover her ass. She basically set the scene so either way she could claim victory—kinda like the same mind games guys like Hitler employ. For Tila, it just comes so easily.

There is way more than this going on, on both her Facebook pages. Hopefully, she won't go on a deleting spree before you can read it. She is stark raving mad and is really going off the deep end. I've said it before, and it bears repeating—as we get closer to December 21, we will find more and more fear-mongering and cultish behavior from Tila. For most who are paying attention, it's harmless and they have a healthy sense of reality, but there are several who are vulnerable, mentally unstable and very afraid, and it seems that Tila is not only aware of that, but she fosters those feelings and is really testing to see how far she can take this farce. She is flat out threatening people with her voodoo powers, but for most of us, they are hardly credible threats, but for some, they may be. Those same people may also be swayed to do something drastic if they don't believe they will be saved in all this mess, and so they may want to go out on their own terms. You can almost feel Tila salivating as she types some of her statuses, I get a sense that she knows she's playing a game and is maniacally laughing and searching for new shit to to throw out there to prove how stupid her followers are.

Tila this should be a wakeup call for you. The fact that you are spending your holidays alone,  perhaps unwillingly, means there is something wrong with you. You need help. I suggest you call Dr. Drew or your therapist. Tell them that you need help and ask for guidance. Dr. Drew has shown a willingness in the past to help you, I'm sure if you contact him via Facebook, Twitter, Loveline or his HLN show, he'll put you in touch with people who can really help you tackle these demons. It's not normal to be so far disconnected from your family, and I think it's really taking a toll on you. You're going to get someone hurt or killed with your insanity. Get help.

Give me your thoughts on all this!

Thanks to @tara1flirt for alerting me to this latest fuckery!