Wednesday, November 16, 2011

UPDATE! Tila Tequila Bails On GodLike Productions Interview!

UPDATED UPDATE: SMHatFools just alerted me on Twitter that there's been ANOTHER update on GLP. In this screenshot the Moderator Phenn claims she spoke to Tila from 4 am to 6 am and recorded the call. She doesn't say anything about the contents of the call, but her silence on rescheduling Tila speaks volumes about her trust in what Tila says. She cryptically states "she cant feign she didnt book us I have screenshots and documented communications..." This may be referring to a comment that Tila would claim she was never booked, or it could be some issue with the 2 hour phone call. If anyone wants to steer Phenn to this blog, to comment, I'd appreciate it. I don't post over there, and so if you're a trusted regular, she (or maybe it's a 'he', I'm going by the female avatar, lol) may take a look and comment. It's really important that sites like GLP get the word out so that others aren't burned like they were, and Pete Santilli, and Alex Jones, and the 2 clubs in Canada, and so on and so forth!

UPDATE: Tila finally checked in with GodLike Productions almost 4 hours after her scheduled interview, after blowing them off last night (original blog post follows after the jump):

Tila's reason was that she tried to log on but "they cut me off again", and then she had to run to a friend's place to use their internet. Where the hell does her 'friend' live, when it takes her almost 4 hours to get to their house? And why is she being "dropped off", I thought she was a mogul with a sick ride? Yet, inexplicably it didn't prevent her from posing for and posting this on her Facebook page this morning:

So, she has the opportunity to pose in front of a fireplace at a 'friend's house, but she can't use their SmartPhone and hook up with the show? Correction: The good Sheriff Gauncent just alerted me on Twitter that this is a video still from several years ago, that I attributed to last night.

And why no apology on Facebook? There were certainly enough concerned followers who asked about her absence, that she could have taken the opportunity to post up an apology, but no, she didn't. Nor did she post an apology on GLP's site, leaving only a private message to Phenn the moderator giving that same tired excuse she's pulled out before that the 'Others' messed with her once again and her friend's account was hacked. And most importantly, did you notice, she never apologized to the moderator? Not one "I'm sorry", just bullshit excuses. And the excuses that the Others fucked with her internet is one the haters already called, so she even gets fail points for originality!

I think it's hilarious how she claims she's ready to do the interview, at 2:45 in the morning, like anyone in their right mind would be willing to put her on at that hour, with no audience lined up.

It's her last line that got me thinking though, where she says "ahhhh I really had something interesting to talk about too that I was saving for your show". Yeah, right. That's an age-old ploy to manipulate people into giving you a second chance. In all the 2 months I've spent writing about this trifling bitch, she has not had one interesting thing to say, and now all of a sudden, she does?

I sincerely hope GLP doesn't fall for her horse shit and sees her for the lying, conniving manipulator that she is. If they do reschedule the interview, Tila  will spend the whole time talking about how she's being blocked and censored, and no time on the issues...just like with the Vinnie Eastwood interview, where she muted him and hung up on him throughout the interview, and that's all they talked about.

Original blog post:

Well the haters have been calling it since Tila revealed a couple of weeks ago that she had an interview with one of the "big players" in Truther circles, GodLikeProductions (GLP) is a forum for conspiracy theorists to exchange info and talk about all things conspiracy. I've checked in several times over the last few months and noticed several threads devoted to Tila. Many are curious about what she may know as an 'insider' and others think she's just a lying sack of attention-whore shit. Haters have been saying she'd bail on the interview, just like she did last week with the Pete Santilli interview, and just like she did last month with the Alex Jones (though I think this one was a case where she wanted payment and they refused).

Here are some screen shots of the forum admins and moderators alerting their listeners that Tila was a no-show:

Senior Mod says: Update: Tila was a no-show; she did not answer our attempts to contact her tonight, even though she agreed to be on the show and said she wanted to. She stood us up.

In this next exchange Tila and the Senior Mod confirm her appearance tonight and Tila asks for the link "so I can let more people know to tune in". That's an odd request, considering in the 35 hours Tila had between confirming her radio interview, and the time of the actual interview, she has updated her statuses on her personal and public Facebook more than 2 dozen times, in addition, she participated in conversations with many people in those threads and never once did she mention her godlikeproductions interview, never once did she shout out the program details, never did she ask her followers to tune in. She never had any intention of calling in for that interview and she knows it, just like she never had any intention of calling in for the Pete Santilli interview last week:

Hahhhahaah I like how this next Admin thinks! She obviously takes no shit from anyone, particularly a liar and a scam artist like Tila!

So, this begs the question. We all know Tila will not go on air live because then she will be shown to be the fraud that we all know she is. She can't Google fast enough to answer questions intelligently, and she certainly can't hold her own against anyone who has even the slightly knowledge on whatever subject she claims to be an expert. We all know she doesn't have any independent knowledge and her little gambit of alternately muting and fucking with muffling her phone and adding in 'frequencies' or whatever bullshit con she's running only goes so far when you're dealing with the real McCoy—the real Truthers who already have their bullshit detectors set pretty high in regards to bunco artists like Tila. Not only do we know this, but Tila does as well, so why is she agreeing to do these interviews? She knows she has no intention of calling in. And to add insult to injury, she doesn't even explain herself afterwards—no "sorry guys I lost my phone" (again!), or "I tried to call in and got dead air or the Others handcuffed me to the radiator". Nothing. Radio silence.

About that phone: she mentioned a couple of times on Facebook Wednesday that she lost her phone for the upteenth time. I find this very hard to believe, but let's just assume she did. It's a very simple matter to go to Verizon or where ever and pick up a replacement , even easier to just spend the $29 on a cheap ass pay-as-you-go flip phone from the grocery store or 7-11 and load it up with 500 minutes for about $25, or easiest of all, call directly from your hotel room, hell borrow a phone from a maid if you have to! It's not like she didn't know the phone was missing, when she confirmed the interview time, because she stated on Facebook that she "lost it a while ago".

If she read the forums and thought the crowd was hostile, she could have addressed that on her blog or one of her Facebook accounts. From what I read the crowd was split between being very excited, and being doubtful, and the questions that were being bandied about to discuss including topics completely in the realm of what one would expect conspiracy theorists to be interested in. There was no discussion that I would have thought was disrespectful, humiliating or entrapping, just people very curious to understand what her experiences as an insider were—the same experiences she has claimed she is willing to share. And even if there was some issue with a question or line of discussion, it's a simple matter to politely say 'I'm not prepared to speak of that at this time, but I will get back to you when I have more information'. Right there is perhaps one of the most perfect general responses one can give to hard or uncomfortable questions....yet Tila just blew the whole thing.

I don't get what the end game is in fucking around with people who are serious about this, unless that is what the end game is—fucking around with people for sport. What do you think about this latest Tila Fail? Comment me up!